This last weekend I tabled at Vermont Comic Con (VTCC). It’s the only pop culture convention held in Vermont, and it’s a really fun show. In fact, I’d say it’s one of the best shows I’ve done all year.

They had a lot of fun stuff going on, like the the Vermont creator’s meet-up, where like-minded artists gathered to network and talk about their ideas. There was also, of course, a cosplay contest, which was so popular that they had to have a division for both kids and adults. There were also a ton of activities for the kids to enjoy, under the umbrella of VTCC Jr, which is run by my friend and fellow artist Emily Drouin. Kids got to learn how to draw comics, create fun crafts, and even trained in the Jedi arts!

VTCC also played host to some awesome celebrity guests. Nicholas Brendon from Buffy The Vampire Slayer was there, as was Rochelle Davis from The CrowBob Camp of Ren & Stimpy fame was there too, as well as Brian O’halloran and Scott Schiaffo from Clerks. Brain actually came up to my table and asked for some paper towels to wipe off a dry-erase board!

Speaking of my table, I did very well at the show. I had a lot of people buying prints and copies of Beyond Mode 7 on the first day, and I did lots of sketch cards on the 2nd. Doing sketch cards and commissions is my favorite part of a show, because I love seeing what people come up with for me to draw. And to see their faces light up at what I made for them makes all the effort worthwhile. I met one Despondent Mega Man fan (or Despondent Mega Fan), who actually did a sketch for me after I did one for her! It was amazing!

I also got to meet a lot of great people at the show and spend time with some friends that I met from previous ones. Jesse and Margaret Lundberg didn’t have a table, but spent the day at the show. Randall Drew tabled with the Vermont Comic Creators with his latest book, Blair Shedd promoted his latest Doctor Who comic series, and Brandon Barrows was there as well!

I will definitely be attending VTCC again next year. I had a great time and did very well for myself! Check out some of the photos I took from the show, and enjoy all the sketch cards and pictures of fans! Don’t forget that I’m available for commission any time, even outside of conventions!

See you soon!