Hello, friends!

I just found out tonight that someone on eBay is selling T-shirts with art that I drew on them without my permission! Check it out!

Yes, I do not own Johnny 5 or anything related to the Short Circuit franchise, but I DO own the art they stole, and they did, in fact, steal it. Using my work this way is illegal, and they should be treated as criminals. Here is the original post I did on my old site with the stolen art in question.

Spread the word, friends! Over 60 of these shirts have sold already! Don’t let them make any more money off of mine, or anyone else’s work! You can report the image here, and be sure to send the item page around the net to make their crimes known!

A creator’s rights over their work is sacred, and any violation of that deserves swift and decisive action! Thanks for your support, friends!

UPDATE: The offending auction has been removed! Thanks to everyone for your support!