Greetings, friends! This last weekend I tabled at the Northeast Comic Con And Collectibles Extravaganza, and it was an absolute blast.

First the show itself. There was a lot of fun stuff happening this year. Adam West, the original Batman from the 1960’s TV show, was on hand to sign autographs and take pictures with fans. Jim Steranko, a famous Marvel artist, was there too. Gigi Edgley from Farscape and Julie McCullough from Growing Pains and Sharknado were there too. They even had Susan Backlinie, who was the iconic 1st victim in the original Jaws. There were also some inanimate stars there as well, including the DeLorean from Back To the Future, the Impala from the TV show Supernatural, and the classic Batmobile and Batcycle to coincide with Adam West being there.

I, however, didn’t get to see the sights of the show, as I was too busy at my table. I had so many nice people come up and say hi, buy some comics, and have me do sketch cards and commissions for them. I even had a few people tell me they were really big fans, which was wild! My Despondent Mega Man books sold out, and I sold a bunch of Beyond Mode 7 too. Alice in Slumberland didn’t fair so well, but NECC is more of a pop culture show, so I spend more time pushing my video game work.

I also met some new artist friends and caught up with old ones. Scott C. Hamilton was tabling next to me, and did some fantastic caricatures. Jesse Lundberg was directly behind us along with his wife Margret. Beth and I had so much in common with them it was almost scary. Amanda Dufresne dragged me to a panel where we talked about breaking into the business (something I clearly know tons about), and then left me to get my butt kicked by Blair D. Shedd at a sketch-off.

Gary Sohmers, the brains behind the show, really knows how to put on a great show. Not only did he have a bunch of great guests and attractions at the show, but he genuinely cares about the artists too. There was always someone coming by to see if we needed anything, and Gary himself came on the mic several times to remind people to spend their money with the artists. At most shows, even the best ones, you get your table and your on your own. Not so at NECC. They want us to do well so that we’ll come back for the next show.

Take a gander at some of the photos we took at the show. You can see each sketch card and commission I did, as well as some of the highlights from the exhibits.

NECC is a biannual show, and I’m already signed up for the next one in December. It was a great show, and I’m looking forward to supporting it for years to come.