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Holy crap! Is that a new Despondent Mega Man comic?

Yes, friends. After an excruciating (and unplanned) hiatus, DMM is back! Let these sample panels be proof of that! The pencils are finished, and the rest of it will be done by Tuesday! And, yes, this also means a return to Despondent Tuesday! With all of the projects I’m working on, Despondent Tuesday won’t be every Tuesday, but every other Tuesday so I’ll have time to eat and breathe and such. That enough Tuesdays for you?

Also, I’ll be posting speed inking/coloring videos for every DMM I do on my YouTube channel. For those of you who enjoy that sort of thing, be sure to check it out!

Thanks to all of you that keep coming back for more despondency and other drawings of things and/or stuff! This is going to be a very exciting year!