Welcome, friends.

As some of you may already know, I’ve been doing INKtober this year. What is that, you ask? Well, it’s a challenge to draw a single inked drawing for every day of the month in October, so 31 total. Anyone can take the challenge, including you.

You can check out the website where there are prompts for each day, but I prefer to ignore the “rules” and go where my imagination takes me. And It’s been taking me to some… interesting places lately.

I’ve been doing each drawing on 5×5 cards. Here are the first 14 of them, and I’ll post the rest on Halloween. I will be selling these for $5.00 each, so email me if you’re interested.

Click the first image to begin the slideshow. Mind you the images start out fun enough, but get a little dark near the end. Enjoy!

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