13 - Heads

Hey, everyone.

So you might have noticed that there was no drawing yesterday for 31 Days of Horror, and today’s drawing is unfinished, as this picture shows. The problem is that I’ve run out of ink for several of my most important markers, and refill cartridges won’t be here for another 10 days!

But fear not, friends! While this does make drawing complete works a bit difficult, it can’t stop me from posting the inked drawings. They may not be finished, but they’ll prove I’m still working, and once they’re finished I’ll replace the image in the post!

Another thing you might have noticed is that this drawing isn’t from anything. That’s because it’s from my own head! I’m taking a stab at drawing creepy stuff of my own. This piece, currently called Heads, is the first of these drawings.

Stay tuned tomorrow, friends! 31 Days of Horror resumes after some technical difficulties!