It’s time for another creator spotlight, folks! This week’s artist is Randall Drew, the creator of the webcomic Citadel.

Citadel is a story about two unlikely allies forced to travel the countryside together while attempting to understand and control a mysterious power they both share. It’s inspired mostly by classic RPGs of the the nineties and early two-thousands. It shares story traits with classic anime series of the same era too, all while maintaining a western sensibility visually.

Randall’s strongest quality in his art has to be his hatching. It looks both controlled and chaotic at the same time. It gives his work a sense of movement and texture. His panel layouts are also dynamic and fun. This above page is an excellent example of panel-breaking done right – all four panels at the top seem to spin like a clock, leading the eye around until we get to the last row. It’s pretty cool when you stop to think about it.

Randall and I have worked on several projects in the past, chief among them being our Beyond Mode 7 book, which is a anthology all about the Super Nintendo. You can snag a copy for yourself on his store page. Check out his other books while you’re there, like his collected volumes of Citadel. And if you want to read Citadel from the beginning, head here!