Today’s Creator Spotlight is on Amy and Steve Crosswhite, the creators of the comic Persona. It’s about “[…] a series of psychiatric interviews with a young woman as she recounts her killing spree in the summer of 2014,” to quote their website.

But Persona is much more than a mere summarization can express. It’s a deeply psychological and disturbing tale that bends the rules of what we perceive as reality. It’s gory, vulgar, and at times hilarious. And it does all this without losing its dark, twisted, and witty tone.

In an episodic series like this with a psychological twist, it can be easy for the reader to become confused and disinterested if the writing isn’t handled well. Steve, however, does a great job of giving just enough information so I want to keep reading, while confusing me just enough so that I’m perplexed, but not frustrated.

Amy’s art is terrific. The control she exudes with her cross-hatching is envious, and she has a real knack for choosing just the right camera angle to capture the right emotional impact. It’s impactful, macabre, and deliberate.

You can check out Amy and Steve’s work by clicking here. So far they have two volumes of Persona out in the wild and you can pick them up on their website or at Killer Rabbit Comics.