Hi, friends:

I’m dong a new thing where I spotlight fellow creators whose work I like. Some of them might be personal friends doing the same thing I am, or professionals that don’t need my help getting attention, but inspire me enough that their work deserves to be shared.

This week’s creators are Emily Rhain Andrews and Christian Konczal. Their webcomic, Mag Na Mell, is an epic fantasy adventure in a world where monsters and toys are at war with each other. The story centers around Betha and Sonny, two unlikely allies on the run for their lives from a group of marauding bandits.

The production value of this series is off the charts. Everything from the art to the writing is handled professionally. Christian’s dialogue feels natural and flows well. Even the dialect, something I often cringe at in comic writing, is handled impeccably.

Emily’s art is beautiful. The sketchy, pencil-like quality of the line work gives the art a very rough look, but in a good way. It looks organic, and there is a strong sense of life and movement to the characters. And she’s been able to get a wide range of expressions out of one character that has black eyes, and another that wears a helmet all the time; this is no small feat.

You can start Mag Na Mell from the beginning on their website, which can be found here. You can also check out Emily’s other art on her illustration site here.