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Hey gang! As promised, here is another update on The Chilling Case of Malice Frame. I know I promised that I’d post an update each time I finish a page, but in the interest of saving time (and my sanity) I’m going to post these only after some significant progress has been made.


As you can see from this sweet high tech progress cart o’ mine, I’m almost half way done with the pencils. Once they are finished, I’ll show them to some cartooning peers for any last-minute suggestions, and then I’ll begin the inking process.

Also, if you couldn’t already tell, I won’t have the new book done by MECAF, which is on May 17th, though I will still be tabling. My new deadline is June 20th, 2015, which will be just in time for Northeast Comic Con, which I am also attending.

I’ll see you all next week with a new update. Be sure to check back in between for more Daily Drawings and other some such things! Peace!