Hey, everyone! Today I’m going to give you an update on the new Alice Frame book, The Chilling Case of Malice Frame.

I’m currently working on the pencils for each page. I’ve already laid out the panels and filled in all the text and balloons. All that remains is to put the characters and backgrounds in each panel. This is the hardest part for me. Once I’m on to the inking and coloring it becomes easier.


As you can see from my sweet and extremely high tech progress chart, I have finished the pencils for pages 12 and 13. I like to start from the middle of a book and work my way outward. This is a trick that I learned while studying at the Center for Cartoon StudiesThis way the beginning and ending of the book will theoretically have the the best drawings, since I’m all limber by then. I suppose they could also be terrible as I could be exhausted by then, but never mind that.

When I finish new pages I’ll post a sample panel for you all to enjoy. My hope is to have the book done by May 18th, which is the same weekend at MECAFIf you’d like to learn more about Alice Frame, check out this page here! Maybe you’d like to buy a copy while you’re there!