Hey, gang!

Behold the glory of my new website! After that last cosmetic update, I realized that just changing the look of the site wasn’t enough. It was time to upgrade to something more professional, and that gives me more control. It works much better now and is easier to navigate!

The biggest addition is a fancy new store! Now you can order comics, prints, and commissions from me without having to wait for a convention! Books like Beyond Mode 7: A Super Nintendo AnthologyAlice in Slumberland, and a few others are available, and I’ll even sketch something in ’em for you!

2015 also brings with it an actual schedule for publishing stuff! That’s right, folks! No more waiting forever for a brand new comic or blog post! There will be something new on this page every week! Maybe even twice a week!

Tune in Monday, January 5th for the next post!